Parenting Planning Discussion Points

This list of discussion points is presented here to stimulate your thinking about how parenting may change in the divorce process. This is information is not all-inclusive and it is not an official form. The best interests of the child(ren) is the primary consideration in the Parenting Plan.

Information Sharing Considerations

  • Each parent shall have access to medical and school records and information pertaining to the child(ren) and shall be permitted to independently consult with any and all professionals involved with the child(ren). The parents shall cooperate with each other in sharing information related to the health, education, and welfare of the child(ren) and they shall sign any necessary documentation ensuring that both parents have access to said records.
  • Each parent shall be responsible for obtaining records and reports directly from the school and health care providers.
  • Both parents have equal rights to inspect and receive governmental agency and law enforcement records concerning the child(ren).
  • Both parents shall have equal and independent authority to confer with the child(ren)’s school, day care, health care providers, and other programs with regard to the child(ren)’s educational, emotional, and social progress.
  • Both parents shall be listed as “emergency contacts” for the child(ren).
  • Each parent has a continuing responsibility to provide a residential, mailing, and contact address and contact telephone number to the other parent. Each parent shall notify the other parent in writing within 24 hours of any changes.

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