Parenting Plans are a staple in contested divorces, designed to assist both parents in sharing the Kids under two roofs. This way, if a legal Parenting Plan is in place, it offers a sense of security to each parent knowing there are family rules to follow to keep the peace.

For example, the Parenting Plan may spell out how the Kids will be transitioned: Mom/Dad will pick up the kids on this day and drop off on that day in such and such a location at such and such a time.

Other items in the Parenting Plan may be:” The Kids will continue their religious schooling and each parent is responsible for getting the Kids to their religious school if it falls on their day”. A Parenting Plan can even get as specific as: “The kids will take the dog back and forth with them so the dog is always with the kids.” The sky is the limit as long as both parents reach agreement .

But how about help for the Kids of divorce? After all, they are the ones schlepping from house to house needing to remember everything for school during week days, and their sports gear or Instruments for the weekend activities.

They will endure following 2 sets of rules , being without the other parent that they love, juggling 2 schedules and a whole lot more!

Perhaps the kids can write up a plan too ,that makes their new lives feel more normal and gives them a sense of control…A Kid Plan!

5 ways to help your kids of divorce. Kid Plan Examples:

1.My Mom and Dad promise to drive me back to the house where I forgot my homework.” Or “My Mom and Dad will never use me as a messenger for verbal or written messages” .Or “My parents will have essential clothes for me at their homes.” If your Kids can think it, they can add it!

It is not the divorce that causes family trauma, but rather how the divorce is managed. By keeping the Kids involved in age appropriate decisions you will be empowering them to feel like they matter!

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