Learn New Coping skills

I offer single sessions or 6-session coaching packages designed to help your kids identify and manage challenges and stressors. We’ll walk through routines and create a coaching process to help your kids with their daily lives.

We start by identifying any divorce-related challenges they face.

For example:

  • Having one parent move far away.
  • Moving belongings from house to house.
  • Living by two different sets of rules and daily routines.
  • Feeling like a messenger between parents and extended family.

 Establish a Support Network

Next, we group challenges identified into categories and develop a plan to attack each one. After that, we create their support team: people who can help them navigate the various stressors and alleviate situations that make their stress worse.

Create The  Kid Plan 

We’ll create their very own Kid Plan listing their wishes to ease their burden of the challenges they may experience. By asking them questions and listening to their answers together we will create their Kid Plan.

Sample questions:

-What fears do you have about the divorce?

-If you could do one thing to make this feel less difficult what would that be?

-What would you ask your parents to do to make life more comfortable?

Finally, we’ll implement the plans and adjust and tweak them as we go! With their stress management plan, your child will learn to recognize when they feel reactive and how to move past it before acting or speaking to get better results.

They will also benefit from the checklist model I designed to assist them in developing organizational skills and feeling more in control. Some kids may learn to pursue a passion they have, which often gets lost amid the chaos that sometimes comes with divorce.

At the end of six weeks, kids of divorce have concrete systems in place to help manage and alleviate their discomfort so they not only survive the split but thrive despite it! If you’d prefer for your child to forgo sessions, I can coach you on these strategies to help your child.














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“Surviving the Split with Unwavering Support”