While parents are offered a plethora of divorce service options, kids have few professional support resources to help them through the process.

As a Divorce Coach for Kids, I employ a goal-oriented approach to help Kids overcome challenges, avoid common pitfalls, and develop the skills and awareness to create a great life.

For example, you may have one child who loves packing up and going to the other parent’s home, and another who resents transitioning.

This may be because such transitions can be upsetting for certain personality types, and may cause frustration adding to an already uncomfortable situation.

I work with kids to come up with plans that help reduce the anticipation anxiety and make transitions smooth, leading to an overall healthy adjustment to the new arrangement.

Putting ourselves in our Kid’s shoes, imagine going back and forth,  packing and unpacking, forgetting things, learning different routes to school, keeping track of which days you are where when making plans, living with two different sets of rules — the list goes on and on.

As one Kid put it,  “Once when I got up in the middle of the night to pee, I didn’t remember if I am supposed to turn left or right for the bathroom and ended up in the closet! ” 

I also help children:

  • Communicate with each parent when addressing tough issues.
  • Build strategies to avoid becoming a messenger between the parents and other relatives.
  • Use smartphones as a tool for organization
  • Create a Kid Plan that incorporates some of their wishes into agreements.

To learn more about how you or your kids can work with me, please reach out for a complimentary introductory session. Kids over 18 may call as well.  I look forward to helping kids of divorce, at all ages and stages, to begin surviving the split with unwavering Support.






















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